Clearing the Bucket List, Part 2


Next stop…. London!  I’ve always been a history guru and loved most everything about the UK,  so visiting London on my trip was a must. Getting to our next stop on the trip was conveniently done through a European airline by the name of Ryan Airlines.  Similar to Spirit Airlines in the states,  but so much more comfortable and with many more service options.


Flying out of Frankfurt Hahn Airport,  I was amazed that the flight only took us an hour before arriving in London’s Stanstedt Airport.

After all the buzz and jitters wore off from landing,  we were greeted with the reality that the American dollar wasn’t fairing as well as other currencies.  Losing nearly half of what I exchanged,  it was on to ride the Stanstedt Express into the heart of central London.


Arriving at Liverpool Station,  we finally got our taste of London. I was simply amazed at what I saw.  Truly a city that had transportation working to it’s strength and not working against it.  We would spend the day exploring the local markets,  London Bridge,  and taking in the entire London Underground  aka The Tube experience. Outside of the rude awakening of our weakening American dollar, our Airbnb rental flat was in a very different part of town to say the least.  While the inside of the flat was just as advertised,  the outside and surrounding neighborhood left much to be desired.  In the spirit of keeping things local we enjoyed some dinner at Nandos, which was extremely delicious , outside of the fact that the staff didn’t tell us that you have to go to the front counter to order versus the waiter taking your  order for you.  We capped off the night with having a few pints at some local pubs and then turned in for the evening.


Thoughts of London,  Day 1 – London was just as advertised,  with the exception of some high prices.  The food was very similar to American food,  and the people were extremely nice, but always on the move.

Next up.. London Day 2!


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