Clearing the Bucket List, Part 4

Clearing the Bucket List, Part 4

Castle on the Rhine River

Castle on the Rhine River

After arriving back in Germany and having my sister in-law mistaken as my brother in-law’s daughter, we headed out to do some wine tasting.

Wine tasting

Wine tasting

We had the pleasure of visiting the beloved Rhine River area.  The area was absolutely amazing.  You were greeted with homes on the mountain side, as well as wineries appearing all over the place.

More wine tasting

More wine tasting

The wine of choice in the area is Riesling.  I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Riesling, but when greeted with a $20 Euro all you can drink, I simply couldn’t pass it up.

To cap off the evening, we found a nice little all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in downtown WittlichDowntown Wittlich

Downtown Wittlich

The sushi was definitely different than what we were used to back in America.  Instead of your highly designed crunch rolls, we were able to choose from rolls with simple toppings, and more sashimi based type of rolls.  The overall sushi was great, and it also helped that the sushi was presented to everyone at the table on a conveyor belt.

Sushi conveyor belt

Sushi conveyor belt

Moving on with our non-stop traveling experience, we decided that we wanted to conquer a few more areas of Western Europe.  Next on the bucket list…Paris!


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