Clearing the Bucket List, Part 5


Moving along to the next part of our journey,  we decided to stop by the City of Lights,  Paris! Paris is a city that I’ve always dreamt of visiting and had to include on my Bucket List.

Taking the scenic route via our Opel van,  we drove through the countryside of Germany, eventually driving through the beautiful country of Luxembourg.  When arriving the Paris metro area,  we opted to park at Disney Paris,  and then take the metro into the city.  Finding the parking garage was the easy part,  but fitting in the garage was another.  The ramps and entry points were clearly built for Mini Coopers,  not for any other type of vehicle. 

After finally getting the van into the garage and finding a parking spot,  we finally started our adventure into Paris.  Knowing a little bit of French helped save us from going the wrong way.  Our first stop in the city was Notre Dame.


The view around the area was amazing and exactly what I expected when visiting Paris.  On the downside,  the streets lacked traffic lanes, which was one scary sight.

After scoping out Notre Dame,  we want out to taste the local eateries.  We stumbled upon a local Vietnamese eatery,  so pho and vermicelli were a must.


While the food was definitely not worth the money,  the area was picture perfect.  The architecture was fresh out of a social studies book, and there were bakeries galore. 

Moving on from grabbing lunch,  we ventured out to the Arc De Triomphe and The Louvre.  The attraction made the visit well worth the wait.


Simply amazing when you take into account the history behind the Arc,  as well as the crazy 10 lane round about that circles the Arc.


Next on the attraction on list,  The Eiffel Tower!


When you think of Paris,  there’s no other attraction that comes to mind more than The Eiffel Tower.  The views were stunning,  and the lights around the city were priceless. 


Compared to the rest of the city,  the area around The Eiffel Tower was relatively calm and safe.  Outside of the people constantly trying to hassle tourists with beer,  wine,  and souvenirs; it was a nice area.

After a long day it was time to head home.  Although along the way,  plans changed,  leading us to our next stop.  Beautiful Brussels,  Belgium!


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