Clearing the Bucket List, Part 7

After checking out Paris and Brussels,  it was time to head back to Germany.  On the way back home,  we encountered a routine border check.  Oddly enough with all the countries that we had driven through,  this was the first time that we were pulled over.  Definitely a change versus traveling through the US and Canadian border.

Before heading out to Oktoberfest, we decided to grab some Turkish food in the heart of downtown Wittlich.  The small shop offered some delicious Turkish pizza, as well as some Pommes Doner.


Our trip to Germany wouldn’t be complete without having a genuine Oktoberfest experience.


Although this wasn’t the official Oktoberfest,  it was still amazing.  We were greeted by the locals dancing on tables with beer steins in hand.


Along with German songs being played by the band,  we were also treated to classics from Journey,  Backstreet Boys, and Take That.


Overall,  the trip to Europe was simply amazing.  Having seen the sights and sounds of Europe,  I can definitely see myself working abroad to take in the full experience.  That’s it for my Bucket List of items for 2015. On to my traveling plans for 2016, and a chance to further trim down my Bucket List.


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