America: Home of the Brave?


Is America truly the home of the brave?  Based on our history,  some would say yes.  However when basing it off how some of our citizens live from day to day,  I’d say no.  While we’re a brave country when it comes to helping out the world and our allies,  we’re not brave enough as a country to break the norm and provide more for our citizens.

America provides opportunity seekers with the freedom to make a living and avoiding the threat of suicide bombers and guerilla warfare in our backyard.  However,  the simple things that other countries have that we lack are the means to provide our citizens with proper health care and affordable education.  In this day and age,  it’s honestly inexcusable that Americans must make the decision to feed their families or get health insurance and a college education.  Health insurance should be given to all citizens no matter what, as we should be talking care of our citizens. Along with health care,  education shouldn’t be that much of a life altering decision. All Americans should have the freedom to go to college without the fear of going broke and putting themselves in an extreme amount of debt for years to come.

Outside of being brave with world issues,  I’d love to see us as a country be brave enough to offer all Americans the ability to have health care and education without having to financially impact our citizens in such a negative way. It’s no way that a modern super power such as America should be handling things when other European countries offer such benefits as a benefit to all of its citizens.


Losing a dad, Moving On


Recently,  I took a break from my blog.  Blogging has given me such a great outlet to share experiences and express myself, but a recent event turned my world upside down. I recently lost my dad to a freak accident, taking away my dad,  my one and true hero.

After losing my mom when I was 9, I guess it was always a given that my dad,  my hero,  would always be there.  I had always planned my life around the clear certainty that he would always be there for me to call, visit, and there for my kids and siblings. I never truly prepared myself to deal with losing him and what life would be Iike with him not around.

With my dad having passed away,  you’re only left thinking about what would’ve been and what you could’ve talked about.  There’s so many things that I would say or want to share with him. I wish I could just pick up the phone and ask him how his day was,  tell him what amazing lesson he taught me that recently came true,  or plan a trip to see one another.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned with my dad passing and now having lost both parents,  it’s that life is truly short and never guaranteed. When your parents are gone, life truly changes.  The holidays will change, birthdays will come and go, and life events are definitely not the same anymore. Love your parents and spend every moment that you can with them. Because when they’re gone, they’re truly gone and we must move on with life.