Restaurant Stereotypes

Do we judge a book by it’s cover when it comes to restaurants?

Yes, I’d have to say that it’s something I was guilty of and I’m sure I’m not the last and not the first person to have done this before.  In terms of judging restaurants,  I’m talking about when you’re attempting to try out a new place in town and find out that it’s run by someone other than the ethnicity of the type of food style that is being served.

While we live in a day and age where we want to be politically correct and avoid social pain, we as a society do have stereotypes when it comes to restaurants.  When it comes to restaurants, we expect Thai or Hmong people to make Thai food, Chinese people to make Chinese food, Mexicans to make Mexican food, etc… The moment that we try out a place where someone other than who you would expect to be running the restaurant is there,  we assume the food won’t be as great or that it might be lowered down in terms of the taste of each dish.

The truth of the matter is that if someone who is Caucasian and is running an Asian restaurant or vice versa,  we put up our guard and expect the worst out of the restaurant and stereotype the place.  Without even getting our food, we assume that the food might not be that great. 

I personally have gone through this experience.  When I first moved down to Austin, I was really craving some sushi and wanted to try out a place based off the great Yelp! ratings that it received. When I walked in I was completely caught off guard.  What I thought was a Japanese sushi restaurant was run by a mix of Caucasian and Asian adults. While eating away at my appetizers and sushi,  I was blown away.  The food was absolutely delicious and much better than most places that I’ve been to before.

In conclusion,  the moral of the story and topic is to not judge a book by it’s cover.


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