Hokding On


In this life you go through experiences that will make you, but also experiences that will break you. With the recent passing of my father, I began to remember him and the life that he led. Along with remembering how amazing my dad was, I also begin holding on.

By holding on, you’re trying to hold on to the good times and great memories. When people are alive, you take things for granted and assume that tomorrow is always promised. However when they die, you hold onto things that help you remember them.

Along with the process of holding on, you realize just exactly what your parent or parents were telling you. In my situation, it was my mom first who passed, and lastly my dad. When they’re eventually gone, you realize and truly embrace the goals and expectations that they had for you. They were never put in place to ruin your life, but to enhance your life and help you grow for when you would eventually become a parent.

In closing, nothing in this world is ever promised. While our parents may tell us the things that we don’t want to hear, they’re the things that we need to hear. When your parents are gone, you hold on to what you were taught and reflect on it in times when needed most.


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