When you look at celebrities in today’s society,  you tend to embrace them for their style and huge amount of success.  Unless a celebrity has legal issues or goes into rehab, we as a society tend to almost put celebrities on a pedestal.  Celebrities can almost do no wrong, and will typically be seen as handling things in a professional way.

Over the past couple of weeks, Americans have been galvanized in the epic departure of Michael Strahan from Live with Kelly and Michael.  This national phenomenon focuses on something that happens everyday in the lives of working Americans. Everyday in our professional work world, we run across people who will switch jobs and leave for a variety of unexpected reasons. 


Reflecting on the issue, I have a tough time seeing where Kelly is providing a great example of anyone on a professional level.  While Kelly is being praised for sticking up for herself and demanding respect from her employers, I completely disagree with everything that she’s being praised for.

Demanding a heads up – While having a heads up that things at work will change or your coworker is leaving would be great to know, this almost never happens. Transparency for such actions would be great in a perfect world, but things change all the time in the workplace.
Refusing to show up – Refusing to show up might work in Hollywood, but not in the real world. Sure, we most certainly have the right to be upset about things and not show up to work. However if you do this and proceed to miss work for a week, you’ll likely find yourself jumping on LinkedIn and looking for a new job.
Demanding an apology – At the end of the day, your employer and coworker owe you nothing. Things will change and people will come and go. However, no one person owes you anything. While you may be hurt by company changes and coworker leaving, nobody owes you an apology.

On the flip side of the conversation, Michael Strahan should be praised for his approach. He was a consummate professional throughout the entire saga that has played on with Kelly’s demand for respect on an off air.  Instead of following in Kelly’s route and putting his side of the story out there, Michael took the high road as we all should in the workplace. Michael continued to do things that we all must do when things get tough in the workplace. Although he’s leaving the show, he stayed committed, and put work issues aside.

In conclusion, no matter who we are or what industry we’re in, you’ve got to be a professional in all that you do. Although things might not always go your way, demanding answers and not showing up for work will likely end a whole lot worse in comparison to Kelly’s approach.


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