The Ranch: Reflection


I recently took a break from my blog to focus on some events that have truly changed my life forever.  The time away has been a mixed bag of sorts, but has given me the time to truly view things in a different light.  While it most certainly wasn’t planned, it was much needed.

Taking a break from blogging, I came across a great show called The Ranch.  The show focuses on a family that is very much separated, yet still a family.  The family of four consists of a husband and wife who are separated, and their two sons who find themselves back at home again.

The show has some great comedic bashing between each character, but also some great life lessons between the comedy.  Along the way the two sons, Colt and Rooster, learn how to grow into men with the help of their mom and dad.  Through good and bad, they learn a lot about themselves, and their parents as well.

Watching the show, I couldn’t help but reflect on similar experiences that my older brother and I had growing up with our dad.  While we weren’t as old as Colt and Rooster, the simple interactions that they had with their dad reminded me so much of what we experienced with my dad.


There were a few great takeaways that I had while watching the show:

Take Initiative

My dad, just as Beau in the show, wouldn’t always tell you what to do and how to do it. In most cases, he wanted us to take the initiative. While he was hard on us like Beau, he just wanted us to be go getters and be successful.

Work Hard

One thing that Beau was persistent on was hard work. My dad always believed that hard work would always win out. If ever we gave up or doubted ourselves, he’d push us to work harder and make it across the finish line.

Dad’s Love You

Beau was quick to poke fun at Rooster and Colt, but showed them tough love. Just like Beau, my dad loved us but would rarely open up to us like most modern dad’s. He wouldn’t always tell us how he felt, but he would push us hard and reward us after the fact.

In conclusion, The Ranch definitely hit home for me. I could see so much of my brother and dad in the characters. While my dad is resting in heaven, coming across a great show like this helps me reflect and remember how great he was.


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