Clearing the Bucket List: 2016

So I’m back!  It’s been an extremely busy 2016, but I’m back with my first vlog.  The vlog is from an area that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time: Burlington, VT!  It’s short, simple, and my first time vlogging.

Enjoy the vlog and I’ll follow-up with more blog posts in 2017!


Clearing the Bucket List, Part 6


After spending a few hours at a well maintained service stop in France, our next stop was supposed to be Germany. However along the way, a last minute decision was made to go to Brussels, Belgium. Although not initially planned, it was the best decision that we made on the trip.

From the get-go, Belgium was simply beautiful. Arriving in Brussels, we received a very authentic European experience. Although the city was much smaller than Paris, it was great and just felt much different.


Once we settled in and found a parking spot in downtown Brussels, it was time to explore. First on the list, Belgian Waffles!!!


Unlike French Fries, it was nice to see that Belgian Waffles were truly a Belgian food item, and it was definitely delicious. After that we had a chance to try some Belgian chocolate, as well as grab some authentic Belgian beer.
Moving on in our search of lunch, we caught of view of the Peeing Boy. Definitely something that you wouldn’t see in America, but it was unique and somewhat expected in Europe. We later had a chance to grab some beer at a Belgian pub, which sealed the deal for our experience in Brussels.

Next up on the European tour, our final stop in Wittlich for some authentic German Oktoberfest, but beer was needed before leaving the great country of Belgium. The beer was simply the best that I’ve ever had, and cheap compared to how they would be priced back home in America.