Clearing the Bucket List: 2016

So I’m back!  It’s been an extremely busy 2016, but I’m back with my first vlog.  The vlog is from an area that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time: Burlington, VT!  It’s short, simple, and my first time vlogging.

Enjoy the vlog and I’ll follow-up with more blog posts in 2017!


Clearing the Bucket List, Part 1

Yes,  yes… I like many others was inspired by the movie The Bucket List.  Outside of making a big move to Austin just recently,  I really wanted to get started on my bucket list of items to check off.  Having a brother in-law based in Germany,  I took the chance to fly out to Germany and check out our neighbors across the pond.

The flight to Germany was second to none.  Major shout out to Delta Airlines.  I was so concerned about what I would do for the 8 hour flight, but the in-flight experience made me feel like I was honestly just at home for the duration of the flight.  I had the chance to watch an unlimited amount of movies, great food, and free drinks!

Upon landing in Germany,  I was amazed as to how wrong I was about Germany. Technology wise,  Germany was further ahead than the US on many fronts, and their customs process was more of a relief than a struggle as I’ve grown to experience when crossing our very own US border.


Moving on with the rest of my day in the Frankfurt area,  I had the opportunity to attend a wine and sausage festival.  The experience on the way there and at the festival itself was very unique and refreshing.  The autobahn,  highway to Americans,  was clean and not limited by unnecessary speed limits at most stretches.  Instead of driving through war torn villages like seen in Saving Private Ryan,  we drove through beautiful green mountains and caught some breath taking views.  While at the festival,  the people were extremely friendly,  willing to speak English with us,  and provided top notch customer service.


 Having only seen war movies about Germany until just recently,  I realized there was a whole other side of Germany that I was missing.


On to the next stop on our trip.. London!