Clearing the Bucket List: 2016

So I’m back!  It’s been an extremely busy 2016, but I’m back with my first vlog.  The vlog is from an area that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time: Burlington, VT!  It’s short, simple, and my first time vlogging.

Enjoy the vlog and I’ll follow-up with more blog posts in 2017!


Phone Carrier for American Travelers

During my recent journey to Europe,  I really had a chance to appreciate the phone carrier that is current my phone carrier at home.  My current carrier is T-Mobile.  As an American,  I truly believe this is the best carrier for all Americans traveling abroad.

My reason for saying that T-Mobile is the best carrier for travelers is because it simply just works.  By working,  I mean that you’re guaranteed connection in over 150 countries without being charged for roaming.  Traveling abroad,  I was able to check Facebook,  text my family and friends,  and still have the ability to use data as needed.

However with the many great options that T-Mobile provides to travelers,  there are some drawbacks. Notably,  you’re unable to make calls while roaming abroad without being charged for roaming.  Along with not being able to call,  all data is not given the same LTE treatment as you’re given when back in the states.  The data speed I’d limited to 3G.

Overall,  T-Mobile provided me with an amazing world experience.  Sure,  it would be great to have LTE and make calls.  However if I’m sight seeing and miles away from home,  I can live with slow data speeds and the ability to text.  While this might not work for everyone,  it definitely works for me and I’ll continue to use T-Mobile for all future trips.