Dead or Alive?


Life is great and offers us many opportunities and plenty of ups and downs. While we live and go through the many struggles and accomplishments in life, the single biggest event that changes our life is death. It’s the one thing that we’re guaranteed out of anything, and one thing we can’t avoid.

In looking at life and death, do we mean more to people if we’re dead versus being alive? Yes, life is great and precious, but there are so many things that we’re not told about while we’re alive. Reflecting on any normal funeral and the recent deaths of some well-known celebrities, we as a society don’t truly appreciate a person or their accomplishments until they’re gone.


While we’re alive, we spend so much time living our lives and dealing with our life struggles. We all genuinely have the greatest intentions, but we get caught up in life. Instead of sharing the things that we can easily be proud of someone for or truly loving them, we hold back and assume that this person will be around forever.


The most unfortunate thing about death is that we hear all the things that we would’ve wanted to hear when we were alive and on the other side, we say all the things that we meant to say when someone was alive. While you’re alive, you’ll rarely hear how big of a heart you had, the amazing things you accomplished and how much people loved you; nor do we take the time to tell someone that they’re great at these things. Death tends to bring out fond memories of a person, but sadly things that were never said when alive.

In conclusion, the only thing guaranteed in life is death. We’ve got to love each other when we’re alive and say what we need to say. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.